Brand Story

Founded in 2013, ImageDJ compiled various digital images and audio files, created “Stockbucks”, Asia’s largest integrated content platform.

The aim of “Stockbucks” is to provide high-quality digital cultural contents and products at fair prices.

In the meantime, we hope we can help and to get the designers out of the trouble of finding the proper content for their design. Furthermore, to become a leading transnational communication platform of digital cultural contents and products.

In response to the diversified content development demand in the future, ImageDJ decided to rename our website “Stockbucks” to “Boutique” in 2017.

And we also changed the website’s domain name to which adopted “credit”, the convenient means of payment, and combined the e-commerce cash flow and online transaction services.

We believe that ImageDJ and Boutique will lead Taiwan’s design and marketing industries enter into a new era.