License Type

Standard Authorization:

The gallery company authorizes the licensee (designer or purchaser) to use the authorized images, such as advertisements, posters, essays, business cards, etc., for non-stereoscopic, non-sales, promotional materials or editorial properties. The flat publishing or electronic publications, but not for commercial purposes, that is, the authorized person cannot convert the pictures into commodities for sale. The authorized person may also reproduce, edit, modify, and distribute the authorized pictures within the scope of the previous authorization, regardless of the number, time, method and location.

Advanced authorization el0:

According to the product usage, duration of use, organization of use, area of ​​use, use, etc., such as commercial authorization (based on commercialization authorization). Among them, the specification of commercialization authorization is only one line away from the above-mentioned standard authorization. In addition to the basic authorization, the authorized person is authorized to use the business for the purpose of “commercial profit”.